Your content management system site can be 100% search-engine friendly


No Rank No Pay can offer our clients access to extremely competent developers to cover SEO and development issues for most of the off the shelf content management systems available on the internet today. These include Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Oscommerce and Pligg amongst others.

Site Architecture Issues

  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • OsCommerce

An SEO-ready website refers to a website that is ready to start an SEO campaign. The website will not require considerable re-programming, development or removal of barriers. Today most websites we encounter are dynamically generated websites in contrast to static websites. As late as 2005, it is true that search engines like Google had a challenge indexing dynamically generated websites, but no more. Search engines can easily index both static and dynamic websites provided best practices are followed. Where dynamically generated sites can create problems for SEO campaigns is in their database or content management system (CMS). Sometimes these databases produce multiple query string parameters that are so long that the search engine spiders are inhibited or worse yet they just cannot crawl the site.

We have many in house and contracted developers to cover a wide range of issues that need addressing when making clients websites SEO friendly.

Page Construction

An SEO-ready CMS should have full support for standard on-page elements such as: Titles, Meta Tags, Headings, Image Alt Tags, etc. In at least 65% of the SEO audits we perform, the sites are missing Meta Tags or Headings. While it is true that these variables are not as important as they were in past, without them the site is clearly deficient compared to the top ranked sites and makes it that much more difficult to get well ranked. While they have improved significantly, ecommerce sites usually have the most deficiencies in terms of page construction problems.